The Stinkeye

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My furry darling Raphael is giving me the stinkeye here because I was pestering him for a photo while he was catching his rays in his favorite spot!

This one is not for sale, but I do take commissions for pet portraits; please contact me if interested. I will work closely with you on all details – dimensions, style, budget, etc. – to create a one of a kind artwork of your or someone else’s furry darling.

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Dimensions 20 × 1.5 × 30 cm



20x30cm / 8x12in

1 review for The Stinkeye

  1. Pat Harris

    This gets a five star rating. It is so typical of a cat when being BOTHERED. They really do give you this look.You really caught feeling and essence of a cat.

    • rowan

      Raffy is so good at the Stinkeye! LOL! Thank you so much!

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